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We're a not-for-profit organization using AI as an enabler in activism projects to empower people leaders in mastering remote-first, distributed teams.

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Our mission

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Counteract the global "back to the office" movement.

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Create Global Standards for companies on remote-first processes.

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Provide access to training programs.

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Produce highly specialized and localized reports and analyses.

What we do

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Consulting & Partnerships

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Membership & Gigs & Contributions & Personal Brand & Networking

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How to start?

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Kindness and joining our movement are for free ;)

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People appreciate our work

“Amazing community of remote professionals”

Remote-how curated an amazing community of remote professionals so that we can all learn from one another.

Senior Customer Advocacy Manager at Buffer

“It's great that there is such a humble, generous, and open learning culture at every event I've been to.”

I love the knowledgeability, the enthusiasm and the openness. The culture of exchange is very easy-going and it is a great example of "coopetition". Coming from other communities where some (many?) people often strive to be the smartest in the room.

Sophia Bazile
F.L.Y.P Coaching and Consulting

“A phenomenal work!”

You guys are doing a phenomenal work here, thanks for your time and energy putting this together.

Luis Barroso
CEO of RootLo

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the AI-Mentor?

Your intelligent partner, designed to optimize your distributed work experience.

Meet our first project: the Distributed Work Audit 🦸 .

A thorough analysis of your current practices, pinpoint areas of improvement, and offer customized recommendations to foster greater efficiency, collaboration and productivity within your distributed team.

What is the Distributed Work Audit?

An AI-powered tool providing a 360-degree analysis and personalized recommendations for teams looking to enhance their distributed work experience and leadership readiness.

🚀 Self-assessment: Pinpoint challenges for individuals or teams, including skill gaps, inefficient processes, and tools.

📋 Evaluate 10 key areas: Thorough assessment of crucial aspects for distributed teams, such as communication, leadership, and culture.

🤝 Personalized, AI-powered recommendations: Serves as both detection and solution, identifying potential issues and providing ways to tackle them.

What is the Remote-First.Institute?

We are a not-for-profit organization on a mission to create a space with open-source and expertise knowledge about the remote-first work approach provided by the world’s leading future of work experts.

We launch the Remote-First Institute to:
- Counteract the global "back to the office" movement.
- Create Global Standards for companies on remote-first processes.
- Produce high-quality events, articles, reports, and analyses.
- Cultivate a global community for remote-first experts.

How to get involved?

There're a few ways you can support our activities.
1. Become our member - the more the merrier ;)
2. Invite your friends - you can do it easily from our platform.
3. Donate - if you have some free money, become our Hero!
4. Share a word about our project in social media
5. Apply as a Consultant and contribute in content creation
6. Become our partner!

Who is behind the Institute?

It was co-founded by 17 Founding and Honorary Members, and it’s powered operationally by Remote-how. It’s built by and for the community of believers in the #remotefirst future who want to help the ecosystem grow.

If you never heard about Remote-how, since 2017 we’ve helped 2,500+ international clients incl. Walmart, ING Bank, Microsoft, while educating the market through initiatives like Remote-Future Summit 2018-2020, or Global Work From Home Day in 2019.

Remote-how’s team also launched the world’s first certification program for distributed teams called Remote-how Academy, as well as the consulting marketplace with Top Remote and Hybrid Experts.

What is the difference between Remote-How and Remote-First Institute?

- Remote-how powers Remote-First Institute operations by contributing resources (people and funds).

- Remote-First Institute (RFI) is not-for-profit initiative, with the goal to help the world become #remotefirst.

- Remote-First Institute membership includes access to Remote-How resources such as courses and certifications. It does not, however, make you a Remote How-Expert.

- If you want to become a Remote-how Expert, apply here -

- Remote-how is a consulting and virtual training marketplace for companies.