Remote Job Fair 2019 – FAQ

Do I have to complete all stages of the process?

We want to ensure a transparent and fair way to assess each candidate. Some applicants might move quicker in the process.

Am I guaranteed an interview at the Remote Job Fair?

No, our aim is to provide as many candidates as possible with the opportunity to interact with remote employers, however, the final outcome depends on several factors such as: having the skills in demand, seniority/expertise, previous remote experience, etc. We will ensure to communicate both the reasons for rejection and moving forward as soon as possible.

How long is the whole process?

The process might take up to 22 days from submitting your CV/LinkedIn profile until completing the Remote-how Career Advisory. For certain qualified candidates, it will be shorter (e.g. 12-15 days)

Do I get to speak with the Remote-how advisor at any point?

Yes, after completing the Remote-how Academy “Job Search” module, you will get a 15-min conversation with one of our remote advisors who will ensure all your questions are answered and you are ready for the Job Fair. If you want to avail of additional interview or resume preparation, we can organize an individual session with our Remote career advisors at a discounted price.

What do I get for submitting my documents?

If you qualify, you will have the chance to go through an interactive process with the opportunity to get free access to the Remote-how Career Advisory. You will also receive personalized feedback from an experienced recruitment professional.

Why do I have to record a video of myself?

Being remote means you need to leverage a variety of tools and software and be comfortable interacting in a non-face-to-face way. We want to understand your motivation and drive behind the decision to become a remote professional, as well as to ensure you are equipped with some core (but critical) competencies to be successful in a remote setup.

Do I get a copy of my personality test results?

Absolutely – this is a 2-way interaction and we will make sure we communicate everything at each step of the way.

Is there any cost for the participation?

No, we do not charge for the participation. If you get hired and satisfied with your job, we will charge you only 1% of your annual salary to cover our operational costs.

What happens if I do not qualify for the process?

The Candidate experience is a priority for us – we will communicate with you as soon as possible. You will get an opportunity to learn a lot about the remote work & life by thoughtful leaders and you will get a 50% discount for the Remote-how Academy. We will organize other events in the future, so you will get the chance to interact with us and be part of our community!

What happens after I complete interviews with the employers?

The company will make it’s hiring decision within 2 weeks. Some companies might want to ask you to complete additional assessments to ensure that there is a good match for both sides.

What if I want to book an additional coaching session with a remote career coach?

If you want to book an additional coaching session with our career advisor to audit your skills and help you to prepare for the interview, please shoot us a message at

What are the companies you’re working with?

We work with 100 global employers, ranging from the small startups (10+ employees), all the way to the tech scale-ups with 250+ people on board.

What if I get fired or resign from the job. Do I still need to pay for your service?
Absolutely not. If you stop working with our partnering company, we will waive all your further bills.

What is the Remote-how Scholarship?

Remote-how provides Remote Year community with the 50 scholarships. We provide actionable support to the selected candidates in securing a remote full-time job, which is the main condition to participate in the Remote Year program.

How I can get qualified for the Scholarship?

Remote-how Scholarship is available only to the Remote Year community. If you get hired through the Remote Job Fair 2019 (min. annual salary – $60,000) and stay with the company for at least 6 months, we will pay for 1 month of your Remote Year Program (worth $2.250).

I got the job through the Remote Job Fair 2019, but don’t want to participate in the Remote Year program. What should I do?

Congrats on securing the job! If you ever decide to participate in the Remote Year program, your Remote-how scholarship will be valid for another 12 months after the Remote Job Fair 2019.

Questions? Shoot us a message:

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