Remote Job Fair 2019 – Terms of Use



  • Organizer –  the company responsible for the organization of the Remote Job Fair 2019 (RJF 2019).
  • Candidate is a professional, who is joining the RJF 2019 as a job seeker.
  • Partnering Employer / Partnering company – is a company joining the RFJ 2019 as an employer.
  • The registered user is a candidate who applied for the RJF 2019 by uploading his/her CV to the Applicant Tracking System of the RJF 2019.
  • Remote Job Fair 2019 is a networking professional event organized by Remote-how, Inc.
  • The event will take place between the 3rd and 7th June 2019.
  • The aim of the event is to connect pre-vetted professionals with partnering employers of Remote-how, Inc., enabling professionals/candidates to discover new career opportunities with partners of Remote-how.
  • We process the  personal data of candidates via our Privacy Policy
  • Parties of the agreement:
  1. A candidate participating in Remote Job Fair 2019
  2. Partnering Employer, who is looking for candidates to hire with the Remote Job Fair 2019
  3. Remote-how, Inc. – organizes communication and the matching process during the Remote Job Fair 2019


This Agreement applies to and any other Remote Job Fair 2019 related sites, apps, communications, content and other services that state that they are offered under this Agreement (“Services”).

This Agreement applies to all registered users and partakers of Our Services, including, but not limited to, Users who are seeking employment and/or contractor opportunities through Our Services (“Candidates”) and companies interested in hiring or engaging with Candidates through Our Services (“Clients”).

If the company engages a prospective Candidate and the Candidate is working in a country outside of the country that the company’s office is located in, the company will subsequently be bound to any geographic-specific terms that apply to the region that the Candidate works in.

The service of Remote-how, the following:

a) For Candidate

  1. Select and verify employers participating in the Remote Job Fair 2019.
  2. Gather candidate applications for Remote Job Fair 2019.
  3. Select and verify applications and assessments supplied by candidate and employers.
  4. Provide all selected candidates with the Remote-how, Inc. Academy (Module 5, “Remote Career Advisory”).
  5. Based on a candidate’s application, showcase their profiles (personal info and results of the assignments) to employers that are partnering with Remote-how, Inc. to organize professional interviews between the candidate and the employer.
  6. Organize (technically and logistically) interviews between the candidate and employer once interest is shown.

b) Employer

  1. Gather applications of candidates and process them.
  2. Verify and pre-select candidates.
  3. Based on the current remote job openings of the employer, provide the company with a stream of pre-selected candidates suitable for their job openings.
  4. Organize personal interviews with selected candidates (logistically and technically)
  5. Remote-how, Inc .cannot promise or guarantee any background check of employees. We are not responsible if some of the information in the application of the candidates is incorrect or false.


a) Candidate:

In order to use Our Services, the candidate must register for an account with Smartrecruiters profile (our Applicant Tracking System). In registering, the candidate agrees to provide accurate, current and complete information (“Registration Data”), and also update it as necessary if there are any changes. If Remote-how, Inc. has any reason to believe that Candidate’s Registration Data is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, Remote-how, Inc. may suspend or terminate the candidate’s account and refuse any and all use of the Services offered.

Candidate agrees that they will not:

  1. Create an account using a false identity or with information that is not the candidate’s own;
  2. Create an account or use the Services if the candidate has been previously removed from the Services.

We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to accept or reject the candidate’s registration to use Our Services. If a candidate’s registration is accepted, the candidate will be allowed access to the Services.

b) Employer:

In order to use Our Services, Company must agree to:

  1. Provide Remote-how, Inc.with at least 3 current remote job openings, for which we will provide candidates.
  2. Showcase the logo of the company on the official site of the Remote Job Fair 2019.
  3. Assign a Point of Contact from the employers side (person) to proceed with the organization of the Job Fair.
  4. Point of Contact must review candidates, select candidates, organize personal interviews with selected candidates and organize an FAQ session for interested candidates.
  5. Company agrees to provide accurate, current, and complete information about the Company and update it as necessary. If Remote-how, Inc. has reason to believe that this data is inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, Remote-how, Inc. may suspend or terminate the company’s participation and refuse any and all use of the Services.


  1. All registered candidates shall go through the verification process in order to be qualified for the Remote Job Fair 2019.
  2. Candidates shall provide all information and any assessments required in order to become qualified: create an Account, share Linkedin Profile, complete personality test, complete Gap Analysis and record video introduction.
  3. Remote-how, Inc. uses an internal verification framework in order to select the candidates.
  4. Providing all required information and completing the assessment does not guarantee a spot in the Job Fair.
  5. All verified candidates who pass the verification should sign a contract with Remote-how, Inc. to proceed to the Job Fair.


  1. Prior to the Remote Job Fair 2019, Remote-how, Inc. will share profiles of candidates (personal data and assessments results) with partnering employers in order to proceed with the selection of candidates for personal interviews.
  2. Remote-how, Inc. does not guarantee any personal interviews. This is a decision that is for employers to make.
  3. Remote-how, Inc. does not guarantee employment. This is a decision that is for employers to make.
  4. The company is obliged to make it’s hiring decision within 2 weeks. Some companies might want to ask candidates to complete additional assessments to ensure that there is a good match for both sides.
  5. Remote-how, Inc. is not responsible for any delays in the application process.


  1. Participation in the Remote Job Fair 2019 is free.
  2. Candidate agrees to pay the Success Fees charged to Candidates account. Only if accepted by the employer and accepts the offer of the employer.
  3. If the candidate gets hired, Remote-how, Inc. will charge the candidate 1% of monthly salary paid in monthly installments for a max. of 12 months or up to 10k, depending on which one occurs first.
  4. If the candidate stops working with the Remote-how, Inc. partnering company, Remote-how, Inc. will waive all candidate’s further bills.
  5. Success fee obligations will be explained in further detail in the contract signed between Remote-how, Inc. and Candidates. This will happen after the candidate is initially preselected for the Remote Job Fair 2019.
  6. If the candidate does not agree with any of the provisions of this Agreement, please terminate Your account immediately and cease participating Remote Job Fair 2019.

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