Lavinia Iosub

Founder of Remote Skills Academy & Livit Hub Bali

Managing Partner at Livit | Founder of Remote Skills Academy & Livit Hub Bali | Speaker APAC & EU | Future of Work Advocate | WoP & BASB

Lavinia Iosub


Lavinia Iosub

I am passionate about the future of work. I believe that when we design more purposeful, sustainable businesses and lifestyles, we shape a better reality. I have spent the last 10+ years studying and understanding the mindset, practices, and tools required to make that happen, and am excited to share my expertise. I have received multiple distinctions for my work in culture shaping, leadership, and business development.

At Livit, the company I run, we’ve inspired and enabled 1000+ entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, remote workers, and digital nomads to build disruptive businesses with a global impact and truly enjoy work & play.

We are a top 3 Best Place To Work® in Indonesia, we won the "Outstanding Employee Wellbeing" Award at Running Remote (Montreal, 2022) and we are a Top 100 Company To Escape To. We are also amongst the top 2% happiest and most engaged teams across 100+ countries across the globe.

My professional and personal experiences span 4 continents, 40+ countries, and several different industries.I am based in Bali for most of the year and a digital nomad/location-independent entrepreneur for the rest.

My fields of expertise are new ways of working, modern leadership, remote work culture, work-life balance, sustainable entrepreneurship.

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